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About Have Your Say Club

Our Vision is to be a premier club for working professionals from diverse organisational set up - banking, finance, IT, Automotive, Health Care, Hospitality, Education and others.

Voice Your Opinion

To provide a supportive and receptive forum where members can have their say on latest national, international news, development, issues & happenings.


To offer membership to professionals from different organizational set up, in banking & finance and other industry.

Leadership Skills

To provide a forum where members can polish the skills of presentation, communication and public speaking, to become effective in a leadership role.


To provide ample mix of Knowledge, Information and Entertainment in every meeting experience.

Talk to the World

To establish Club’s communication with outside world through traditional and social media applications- YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Print & Electronic Media.

Our Club Meetings

july, 2024

Do You Know ?

  • Paul Axtell
    Meetings are at the heart of an effective organization, and each meeting is an opportunity to clarify issues, set new directions, sharpen focus, create alignment, and move objectives forward
    Paul Axtell
  • Bill Nye
    Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.
    Bill Nye
  • Napolean Hill
    It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.
    Napolean Hill
  • Hugh Park
    The world is run by those willing to sit until the end of meetings.
    Hugh Park


  • Mr. Anant Modi
    When I returned to my hometown Jaipur after my stint in Mumbai, I was looking to connect with like minded people to express my thoughts. Have Your Say, as the name implies, has provided me with an amazing platform to engage and voice my opinion on a plethora of topics ranging from cooking to economy to stress management. It has also helped to reduce my stage fear. I'm fortunate to connect with people from diverse sectors like doctors, architects, armed personnel and entrepreneurs etc. Would like to express my gratitude to HYS managing team for their efforts.
    Mr. Anant Modi
  • Ms. Pooja Godara.
    HYS is a vibrant and positive group of people. Each one willing to listen and open to learn. I look forward to our meetings as each one is a treasure trove of Learning. A certain sense of maturity to let the free flow of expression is what binds us all together. Gratitude for the good times we have had together and looking forward to a mutually beneficial journey of growing and learning together.
    Ms. Pooja Godara.
  • Dr. Maanav Chandnani.
    HYS is really a wonderful platform where you can express your views and knowledge, know about other peoples' opinions and learn the fact that we can still be cordial to people despite having different perceptions about things.
    Dr. Maanav Chandnani.
  • Mr. Bhaskar Maheshwari
    I want to say thanks to HYS Team for brining “Have Your Say” into my life. When I started with you all I was going through a tough patch in my life, but HYS really helped me come out of it. So a big thanks from the bottom of my heart.
    Mr. Bhaskar Maheshwari
  • Lt Gen NK Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM (Retired)
    "Have Your Say" is a great concept. It's a universal platform where any one can speak on any subject, topic, or phenomenon & discuss it with the Sunday audience at Jaipur. HYS has contributed tremendously towards enhancing awareness levels of our countrymen, including several contemporary matters of national importance. All the best to the HYS spirit and its young nucleus of office bearers who are the soul behind this highly laudable venture.
    Lt Gen NK Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM (Retired)
  • Mr. Swadesh Saxena.
    Formation of HYS Club, is a unique concept, people from different walks of life and professions have come together at one platform to share their views, thoughts, knowledge and make others aware in the areas, which otherwise would have never been shared or known. Most of the time, it is an amazing experience when the seniors share their knowledge and experiences with the youngesters and in turn get themselves enriched from the youngesters, whether the issues are related to new IT innovations & latest technological developments. I feel lucky to be part of this conglomerate club, in which experts from various diversified sectors come and share their knowledge, experience trends and new ideas, on national and international issues, related to life, study, business, trade and what not. The club has an outstanding approach to promote and appreciate the skills of young buds and blossomed ones also. I wish club to grow fast and to achieve all round success for the mutual benefit of HYS family.
    Mr. Swadesh Saxena.
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